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Week 5 – Guerrilla Executive Home Study Course

August 19, 2010

Week five of the Guerrilla Executive Home Study Course is now complete and I wanted to share my thoughts on how things are going at this point.


I was successful in setting up a number of meetings by using the Coffee Cup Caper.  This tactic was used in both weeks 4 and 5 to increase the number of companies that I was contacting.  Thus far I have had two meetings/interviews.  There are two scheduled for next week and one that has been postponed but not scheduled yet.  To get ready for each meeting I prepared a number of presentations about my achievements.  I created How to Maximize Your YouTube Video in 6 Easy Steps – Without Cheating, Lead Generation Tips, and Expanding Your Social Network, not to mention the competitive intelligence I performed for each company.  These presentations are not about what I specifically have done, but why these are important areas for a company to be involved in.  The material is educational in nature, but also plays into my strengths and accomplishments without stating it bluntly.  I uploaded all of these onto my iPad which I take into the meeting (and the iPad has served the purpose of being an excellent ice breaker).

I did get some positive information from one company that I met on why they chose to interview me when they received literally hundreds of applications.  And based on the feedback I know the program is working.

Having completed a number of competitive analysis reports on companies, I expanded the competitive intelligence to ensure that I was showing value to the hiring manager. This expansion requires a bit more digging into the industry, as well as a bit more thought about the companies that you include in the analysis.


As I approach week 6 I am getting a bit discouraged.  While I have had some great progress, the one thing that I find goes against me during a job search is time.  Either I am too busy and do not know how I am going to be able to get everything done (although I always find a way) or I am waiting for time to pass so that I can embrace the next opportunity.  Holidays seem to be my biggest challenge at the moment.  Meetings are getting postponed, decisions are taking longer than expected, or people are just not in the office to return my calls (and I do not want to leave a number of voicemails for a person to listen to when they get back from a holiday – one is okay, but if there are too many I think it might annoy them).

I hate the idea of playing the waiting game because I feel like I am not doing anything to move things forward, although sometimes waiting is the best way to proceed.  However, I am using the time to ensure that I am completely prepared for my meetings next week.  I am excited about them, I just wish they were happening this week instead.

Moving into week 6 I am going to expand my list of target companies and continue with the Coffee Cup Caper as I have found it to be quite effective in getting interest and setting up meetings.  There are a few other tactics in the program that I am going to try as well.  Still optimistic, and not giving up my job search by any means, but hoping to get things to move along.

  1. From waht I have read Greg, I believe you are doing quite well.

    Becoming a Guerrilla is “a process” and not any one single event will make you one. THere is a LOT of work each and ever day if you are following the Guerrilla Plan.

    In terms of going face to face with the people you really need to be seeing; It takes some time….particularly between the last week of May and the first weekend of September…It’s called vacation or as you say in the Great North “Holiday.”

    Keep plugging away and I can assure you that activity will pick up, especially after the first weekend of September.

    Nice update.

    • Thanks Mark. Looking at it objectively 5 weeks is really not that long. But sometimes it feels a lot longer than just 35 days… especially when I am waiting to hear back about something. And the holiday delays are making it worse because I know that there are some people that I want to meet with but are not able to because they are not in the office. But I have their return dates scheduled in my calendar to get in touch with them the day after they return 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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